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PITH is a zine (amateur magazine) led by Glasgow University students.

To encourage people's creativity, we are an open and non-judgemental co-operative // 
at least 1 work by every author who submits work to each issue is published.

You don't have to be a Glasgow University student to
submit work to PITH!

We publish segments of PITH at least twice in an academic year based on a theme selected by our team.

Issues include illustrations, collages, photography, poetry, and short stories and are entirely unique due to the freedom that our indiscriminate philosophy advocates.


What is a zine?

A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches.


Zines are often made by hand with paper and glue, or by printing it cheaply and then folding or stitching it together.


Historically, zines have been an accessible, low-budget alternative to mainstream media. Originating in the 1930’s, science fiction fandom zines have provided a creative outlet for niche topics. Growing form there, zine's have been significant in contexts such as the 1980’s punk scene, and in the queer community. Zines' played a large roll in the growth of the Riot Grrrl movement in the 1990's.


The wonderful thing about zines is that there are no rules as to what a zine can be. Some zines tell stories, some zines teach you about a topic (like the one you are reading right now!), and some zines simply display cool art. Anyone can make a zine!

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